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Fellow Ugandans!

Greetings and I thank you for your overwhelming support. To the U.M.A family, on 9th October 2017 we, over 300 doctors of Uganda, made history! We pronounced ourselves loudly at 99% (more than the 86% at the election general assembly on 9th September 2017), and in no uncertain terms that #EnoughIsEnough! It is NOT YET UHURU for the Ugandan doctor. Indeed doctors in Uganda are yet to see that socio-economic freedom! 

The next steps entail constructive engagement of stakeholders for which our capable Secretary General, Dr. Mukuzi Muhereza, will lead our powerful delegation to submit our 2nd UMA Health Sector Barometer which clearly spells out our 3 broad issues and 3 broad demands. These issues are:

a)  The chronic scarcity of medicines in public hospitals

b)  The “war on doctors” with wanton maltreatment and arrests

c)  The continued neglect of human capital in the health sector

It follows that our demands are:

a)  An immediate supplementary budget for the health sector to urgently restock emergency -medicines in government facilities!

b)  The immediate halt of the “war on doctors” and other health workers.

1(c)   The immediate review of human capital development and working conditions including lifting the ban on recruitment, promotions, remuneration and training; management of equipment and supplies.

Now, the road ahead will be tough! However, it is we the tougher ones that will get going. As Charles Darwin opined;

“…It is not the strongest of species ... or the most intelligent ... it is that one that is the most adaptable that survives…”

Be frugal with your resources; save food; save money; and look out for one another. Comrades, “…a bundle of sticks cannot be broken…” Speaking to our Kenyan East African brothers; senior doctors literally housed junior doctors in the spirit of solidarity for over 100 days of their industrial action.

Guess what? It paid off!

Service With Honor