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Theme: Innovation for Universal Health Coverage


First, on behalf of NEC, I bring you greetings and thank you for your consistent support and loyalty.

In August 2016 UMA & Specialists Association revamped Doctors participation in Ugandas health sector decision space through the 1st Grande Doctors Conference (GDC), as a United Fraternity.

Once again we are pleased to invite you to the 3rd GDC @ Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala. Indeed there is every reason to celebrate this Unity of Purpose as a lot has been achieved, including:


1. Ending "Modern Day Slavery": Senior House Officers (SHOs) now receive a stipend of 756k from 0.00k, per month. Thanks to a Presidential ditective by HE Y K Museveni during the 1st GDC on August 13th 2016.

2. Salary Enhancement: Medical Officers got a 100% increase in their take home up to 2.3m from 1.1m per month. The higher Cadres got lesser increases. Again, thanks to HE YK Museveni. Word on the ground is that he insisted on 5 m per month but "technocrats" changed proceedings.

3. SACCO Recapitilization: On August 17th, 2017 we received UGX 1 billion out of the 5 billion pledged by HE YK Museveni during the 1st GDC. The SACCO leadership is following the remaining 4 billion.

4. Engaging ALL Doctor groups: Including The Elders Forum & Young Career Doctors/Interns, SHOs, & Students etc. UMA may be more democratic today.

5. Increased visibility & acceptability of UMA: We have participated in various policy processes, (Mental Health Bill, Presidential "Age limit" Bill, National Food & Drug Authority Bill, Cuban Doctors Importation),  by invitation or lobbying.

6. The 1st Grande Doctors Camp organised by the UMA West Nile Branch, Dr William ANZO & Dr. Richard IDRO; a resounding success! We thank our partners UNHCR, UNICEF, West Nile District Local Governments, Hospital Directors, Medical Teams International, Uganda Heart Institite, Specialist Associations and all Doctors and Health Workers who participated.

All these efforts have resulted in doubling of UMA membership and accrual of revenues, as Doctors see the relevance of UMA to their career and wellbeing.

In borrowing Dr IDROs words, together we shall MAKE THE UGANDAN DOCTOR GREAT AGAIN!

"Service With Honour"