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Prof. Pauline Byakika-Kibwika is the Vice President of Uganda Medical Association. She is an accomplished  Physician and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Epidemiology at the Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine of Makerere University College of Health Sciences.

She is a result-oriented, well-rounded leader with close to twenty years of experience in clinical care, research, teaching, capacity building, project development and management. Her overarching aspiration is to reduce morbidity and mortality from communicable and non-communicable diseases in Uganda and beyond through wellness initiatives, clinical care, research and training.

She received her doctorate degree in clinical pharmacology from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and is an accomplished writer with over 40 articles published in peer reviewed journals. Pauline has worked as consultant on projects for the Uganda Ministry of Health (MoH) and partners for Malaria and HIV Control, the East African Community and other community initiatives. Pauline is a Commissioner on the East African Health Research Commission, where she contributes to decision making on matters of health and health related research and findings necessary for knowledge generation, translation, technological development, policy formulations, practices and related matters.