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Dr. Judy Orikiiriza is the Editor of the Uganda Medical Journal. She is a Pediatrician researcher who has been working at Rwanda Military Hospital since May 2008 and is currently completing her PhD in Immunology at Trinity College Dublin. She is a senior clinician with over 10 years practice in Pediatrics and Child Health. She is a research fellow attached to the Infectious Diseases Institute, College of Health Sciences, and Makerere University. Her main research interests seek to understand the Immunopathogenesis of co-infections like malaria-pneumococcal, Tuberculosis in HIV Infected and Exposed Children, Malnutrition in HIV, Hepatitis B, C in children. She has published a lot of work on metabolomics, proteomics, lipidimics of diseases especially malaria. She has recently completed work on the impact of ready to use therapeutic food supplementation on nutritional markers, immunological response and pharmacokinetics of anti-retroviral drugs in HIV infected malnourished children and the knowledge, perceptions and adherence among the primary carers. Other studies where she has been pivotal include but not limited to sero-prevalence of hepatitis B and C and risk factors in Health care workers in Rwanda in 2013, sero-prevalence and risk determinates of HBV in children and vaccine response in children at Rwanda Military Hospital 2013, USAID funded study on mapping out availability of HIV services and other health services at East African cross border towns 2013, Malaria co-infection study in Children in Rwanda from 2010-2013, the causes of neonatal admission, mortality at Rwanda Military hospital 2008-2011: a 5 year retrospective review and assessing accessibility of health services, knowledge and attitude of Youth in Kicukiro district in Kigali in 2013 and prevalence and determinants of Stigma and Discriminatory Practices towards Men who have sex with men and Female Sex Workers among Healthcare Providers in Rwanda: a case study Kigali City and the Southern Province.

Formerly, she was the head of the department of Pediatrics and Child Health at Gulu University as well as Rwanda Military Hospital and Research at Rwanda Military Hospital where she revolutionalised the two departments and saw the hospital laboratory achieve 4 stars under the program of Strengthening Laboratory Management Towards Accreditation.

She is the first life member of the Uganda Medical association and she is working on improving the Ugandan doctor’s plight in welfare, image and health financing in Uganda. In turn this will improve the patients outcome in Uganda.

Other experiences and professional memberships

2017 to date     Executive member of the National executive committee of Uganda medical association

2017-to date   Board member for Alliance for health communities in Rwanda where I am the general secretary.

2016-date         Founder member of Kitokea Africa Initiative a non-governmental organization in Uganda

2014-to date Founder member and board member of the East Africa Centre for Vaccines and Immunization (ECAVI)

2012-to date     Founder member of the African Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

2012-to date     Founder member of the Eastern African Pediatric Association

2008-to date     Member of the Uganda Pediatric Association

2008- to date     Member of the Rwanda Pediatric Association

2008- to date     Member of the Rwanda Medical Association

2008-to date     Member of Rwanda Medical and Dental practitioners

2010- to date     Member of the International Aids society

2001- to date     Member of the Uganda Medical Association

2001-to date     Member of Uganda Medical and Dental practitioners

Selected Honors

2004   Certificate of merit by CDC and TASO Uganda in recognition for my work as a physician on People with Positives (PWP) study

2009   Travel grant for the 1st International Pediatric HIV Conference held in Cape Town and IAS

2010   Young Investigators award to attend CROI 2010 San Francisco USA

2011     International Scholar award to attend CROI 2011 Boston USA

2012     International Scholar award to attend CROI 2012 Seattle USA

2012       Laboratory Champion Clinician Honors by ASLM 2012 Cape Town South Africa

2015   International Scholar award to attend CROI 2015 Seattle USA

2015     Early career Thrasher award USA

2016   Travel grant for the EMBL to attend perspectives in Translational medicine Heidelberg Germany

2017   Travel grant from the World Society of Pediatric Infectious diseases to attend the 10th Conference   in Shenzhen, China, 2nd-6th December 2017

Selected peer-reviewed publications

  1. The oxylipin and endocannabidome responses in acute phase Plasmodium falciparum malaria in children. Izabella Surowiec, Sandra Gouveia-Figueira, Judy Orikiiriza, Elisabeth Lindquist, Mari Bonde, Jimmy Magambo, Charles Muhinda, Sven Bergström, Johan Normark, Johan Trygg . Malaria Journal 2017.
  2. Judy Orikiiriza*, Jane Nakawesi, Ben Kikaire, Dorothy Turitwenka, Walter Schlech, Andrew Kambugu, Mohammed Lamorde, Johan Normark, Martina Hennessey, Victor Musiime, Joseph Rujumba, Grace Ndeezi, Nazarius Mbona Tumwesigye, Derek G. Doherty, Jane Achan. Unmet needs persist in Pediatric HIV programmes: Lessons from selected case studies in Uganda. AIDs journal 2017.
  3. Judy Orikiiriza*, Surowiec*, Elisabeth Lindquist, Mari Bonde, Jimmy Magambo, Charles Muhinda, Sven Bergströmd, Johan Trygga+, Johan Normark+. Immunomodulatory Host Lipid Response Patterns Revealed by Lipidomic Profiling of Paediatric Acute Plasmodium falciparum Malaria. Metabolomics 2017.
  4. Judy Orikiiriza. Roll out of efavirenz- based regimens in option B+ in the PMTCT programs: challenges and lessons learned from a post-exposure prophylaxis experience. AIDs journal 2016
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  10. Morbidity and mortality from IRIS in children in Uganda by Judy Orikiiriza, Sabrina Bakeera-Kitaka, Yusufu Mulumba, Victor Musiime, Edison A. Mworozi, Peter Mugyenyi presented at CROI 2010 San Francisco
  11. School health program in Mbale district Uganda. By Judy Orikiiriza presented at the Uganda Pediatric Association conference and Kenya Pediatric conference and International Pediatric Association congress meeting in Cape Town in 2010
  12. Laboratory-clinical interactions and its impact on Laboratory service improvement at Rwanda Military Hospital by Judy Orikiiriza ASLM conference 2012
  13. Are HIV exposed neonates at risk of increased mortality: A Neonatal audit done at Rwanda Military Hospital from 2008-2010 by Judy Orikiirizapresented at the IPA in Capetown in 2010, EAC conference 2012 in Rwanda and ESPID 2012
  14. Pediatric audit done at Rwanda Military Hospital from 2008-2011 by Judy Orikiiriza
  15. Prevalence of sputum positive TB among patients attending Rwanda Military Hospital from June 2009-June 2010 in the ART era. Judy Orikiiriza, Isabella Inzamukwiye, Charles Muhinda, Joseph Lule, Charles Murego presented at the ESPID conference in Netherlands 2012
  16. East African Cross border health study presented by Judy Orikiiriza in Arusha at a technical EAC meeting 2013
  17. Hepatitis B vaccine response in Pediatric patients attending Rwanda Military Hospital.Louis Mujuwisha, Elizabeth Karlsson, Vincent Mutabazi, Johan Normark, Judy Orikiiriza. Presented at CROI 2015 and Uganda Society of health scientists conference 2015-manuscript in developement
  18. Immune reconstitution and viralogic response amongst malnourished and well-nourished antiretroviral experienced children in Uganda Preliminary findings Uganda Society of Health scientists 2015 by Judy Orikiiriza. (Awarded the Best Poster Presentation)