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UMA SACCO Ltd was established by a resolution of the UMA AGM of June 2011 in line with the Cooperative Societies Act CAP 112 and The Cooperative Societies Regulations 1993.  


A highly ethical and socio-economically empowered society of medical doctors in Uganda


To provide a conducive socio-economic environment through which medical practitioners in Uganda can deliver optimal health care services to deserving health consumers in Uganda without being undermined or compromised by wanting socio-economic conditions.


  1. To create a culture of “saving together for investment” among doctors in Uganda first.
  2. To cause socio-economic wellbeing/stability of doctors & their families in Uganda first.
  3. To encourage members to formally save with purpose by accepting their deposits promptly
  4. To encourage corporate investment among Uganda Medical Professional Societies and enable them to effectively advocate for the interests of their members.
  5. To promote professional and socio-economic growth and stability among members
  6. To create an avenue through which government development partners and other stakeholders can participate in improving the socio-economic environment in which doctors in Uganda work by inter-alia injecting funds into the SACCO as has been with other SACCOs.
  7. To ensure that members get loans once requested for, at affordable interest rates based on each member’s capacity to pay back the loan.
  8. To educate members on how they can use credits/loans for socio-economic development.


Preliminary admission requirements for joining the UMA SACCO are:

  1. Evidence of being fully paid up with Uganda Medical Association (or UGX 100’000)
  2. A current Annual Practicing License (APL)
  3. Minimum UMA SACCO membership requirement of UGX 370’000. It includes UGX 100’000 as the 1st share, UGX 100’000 as minimum savings, UGX 100’000 UMA SACCO membership fees (paid once), UGX 50’000 UMA SACCO annual subscription, and UGX 20’000 Application form fees (paid once).
  4. Two passport size photographs

**Payments are to be made directly to the bank, Stanbic Bank AC. No. 9030005828863 – Wandegeya branch or in dire cases by Mobile Money No. 0776283022 (kindly include withdrawal charges)


  • Enjoying all services provided by the SACCO
  • Get an annual share of the interests and dividends made from investments based on the total savings and shares each member holds.
  • Participating in & benefiting from income generating activities the SACCO engages in.
  • Priority consideration for all types of loans and low interest rates on the loans
  • Participation in determining the interest rate(s) at which members take SACCO loans.
  • Being part of “the great” annual fellowship of doctors
  • Receiving regular & up-to-date financial literacy, investment & competitiveness education
  • Members mobilize collective savings therefore draw from pulled savings to improve on the socio-economic conditions of medical practitioners in Uganda.
  • Encouraging the growth of the savings culture among medical practitioners in Uganda.
  • These savings can easily be accessed by members during severe financial situations/times.
  • As a legal organized group, the UMA SACCO can benefit financially and/or in-kind from other support entities like government programs, international organizations and others.
  • Participating in determination of the By-Laws, policies and guidelines of the SACCO
  • The right to be voted as a SACCO member of any of the administrative structures

Products offered

  • Construction loans
  • Land purchase loans
  • Post graduate fees loans
  • Refinance loans
  • Emergency loans
  • Business loans
  • Group practice loans
  • Medical equipment loans

Future plans

  • Indemnity scheme
  • Retirement Benefit scheme
  • Housing scheme
  • Health insurance
  • A trading company


CLICK HERE to download a copy of the UMA SACCO BYLAWS

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the UMA SACCO vetting process for committee members

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the PS-ST address to UMA SACCO  stakeholders